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AQUASPHERE Frequently Asked Questions

A: Your digital assets will be stored within your personal UWorld wallet. While all physical assets are held within our statutory trust.

A: As all investments are held within your own digital wallet you are free to sell on the secondary market any time after the holding period has expired.

A: The platform is a non-for-profit organization where the algorithms would respect the scoring criteria set up by a decentralized governance who are best users and renowned NGOs.

A: At present we accept UMoney and other major cryptocurrencies. We also accept Dollar, Euro and Sterling wire transfers as well as Credit and Debit Card payments.

A: The platform is built to help users extract customized support in order to increase quality of offer and demand or projects and products.

A: By receiving a positive ESG Score that would participate in governance of platform and receive multiple financial benefits from ESG impact tokens. Carbon mitigated would receive for each carbon ton a carbon token.

A: The only way to stop deforestation, boost impact and circular bioeconomy is to oblige to reinvest in the region profits from carbon and dividends. In this way investors can vertically integrate their production and create a cascade of ESG impact and carbon tokens from the exponential drawdown from reinvestment

A: 60% of the planet already has a carbon tax and by 2050 all countries and biggest companies have committed to reach net zero carbon. There is a bigger demand for carbon than offer. Why would you purchase carbon from a forest owner if you could own the forest and receive carbon as dividends? Carbon could become profit rather than a cost.

A: All projects are listed by our partner company UCapital at present. We will be providing an issuer section shortly.

A: Carbon Cascades is a mechanism that can accelerate impact while decentralizing the economy with potentially higher returns and less risk. Carbon becomes a platform for ESG investment which is 10 times bigger than the Carbon Market allowing higher investment into the transition needed to become net zero by 2050.

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